Took a brief break to chat with my wife. About to practice my Jest talk. Lightning fast live coding for this one. ⚡️

Jest's snapshot tests are an affordable way to really harden your code. A lot of added value for the non-TDD crowd especially.

Ok, so Create React App + Storybook + Jest is just such a winning combination . #winning #winning #winners

. @trevordmiller migrated us to Jest. Snapshot testing is so awesome. Really made writing certain tests easier.

What is up with men in tech who think that they get everything based on merit and women get it through some "diversity quota"?

Do you have an open source projects thats friendly for beginners and can use some more hands?! Respond with your repo url!

Developer pro tip: keep a post it w/ the groups of people that will use your app & don't look like you #strangeloop

@bphogan on the React side, maybe…? I haven't personally used the starter yet though

@dahlbyk @housecor @donnfelker i still need the app to do other things. If i used Sinatra I would end up making an ad hoc rails

@housecor @donnfelker @bphogan what's benefit of Rails over Sinatra for API-only (ish) app?

@bphogan Yep that's what I do. It gets a little tricky once you start wanting cache busting filenames, though.

@adam_albrecht if i keep them separate do i just include the js bundle on the page directly? And ensure no turbolinks?

@bphogan If Rails is just an API, then use webpack and keep them mostly separate. I didn't find any good ways to integrate rails w/ webpack.

@bphogan Depends on the scope of your React usage. If you just want to just use it here and there, check out the react-rails gem. (cont)

@donnfelker @bphogan 1. Create JSON API with rails. 2. Consume with React and Axios/Superagent

@bphogan make a React component(s) to represent the card and basically pull in the data async.

@rbazinet if you had cards in a db, how would you display them one at a time? Load all cards into js array and cycle, or load card with ajax

@bphogan @peterc react will be nice for that task. BTW, another resource is

@rbazinet @peterc Ok. I will dig in to that. I’m doing a flashcard app and I thought it would be interesting to present the cards with react

@peterc @bphogan I think the Shakacode repo is really worth a look. It ties in all those little details you need.

@bphogan are you looking for a gem? Because, IME, it's easier to keep the two as separate as possible. Asset pipeline might be a problem.

Best way to work with Rails and React?

@skurilyak no planned date now. but we're making progress on pulling out the Airbnb-unique stuff into plugins. cc: @ljharb @intelligibabble

@skurilyak we do plan on open-sourcing Mystique. because it just uses HTTP, not ExecJS, could also work w/ Python, PHP, etc

@skurilyak that one looks nice, and more similar to Mystique. But still big diff is that Mystique uses long-running Node process, not ExecJS

@spikebrehm there's also react_on_rails gem

@skurilyak react-rails is neat and provided inspiration, however our needs are a bit more specific and hook into our internal JS ecosystem

.@spikebrehm what are your thoughts on react-rails gem, as compared to Mystique?…

Just tell them to use gem react_on_rails instead of react-rails, and get on the JS tooling with webpack bandwagon @searls

But hiring them must be balanced with hiring at higher levels, or you won't actually get the benefits of diversity that you're looking for.

This is really hard to talk about because diverse junior devs we have now are our last best hope for an actually useful software industry.

If you only hire diversity at the bottom, you're actually reinforcing & contributing to the structural inequality you think you're fighting.

Once the unconscious idea that "diverse devs are jr" takes hold, a higher-level diverse dev coming in is much less likely to be successful.

But if you hire at the bottom and then stop, everyone gets used to the idea that diverse devs are junior.

Devs with experience have options. LOTS of options. Diverse devs in this category exist - they're just opting out of your homogenous team.

As you've no doubt noticed, diverse experienced devs won't apply for jobs on your homogenous team. It usually sucks being the first.

You won't be able to hire mid- or senior-level diverse devs if they have to be the first woman or person of color or whatever on the team.

Fortunately, senior level diverse devs are much more interested in your team once they don't have to be the ones to break your homogeneity.

Hire those diverse bootcamp grads! But you *must* follow it up by hiring diverse talent at the higher levels too.

Hiring diverse juniors into an otherwise homogenous team embeds the unconscious idea that diverse developers are junior.

So many engineering teams repeat this problem in the small - they hire diverse bootcamp grads into an otherwise homogenous team.

Apple: "we don't need to hire diverse talent at the top because we're hiring diverse talent at the bottom"

@th3Derek @rdrake98 when you have a framework like rails where everything is trying to hook into various parts of it this breaks down

@searls @skanev Er... But if they're different modules, how do they interact? Are they trying to share the same namespaces for some reason?

@preaction @skanev oh I’m not even talking about monkey patching. I’m talking about incidental occurrences of feature interaction

@skanev @searls I've heard monkeypatching is a common idiom in ruby, which isn't true of either python or perl