"Make something cool and open source it yourself - first point of contact is your peers." @ohhoe at #JSConf

Just dive into your projects. Take the plunge. Results will be fantastic. Things I learned from @janecakemaster @jsconf

"If you stand up there to long, you're never gonna do it" Awesome advice from @janecakemaster at #jsconf

Awesome talk by @patggs on using JavaScript with offline apps to help with the Ebola epidemic at #jsconf

.@patggs explaining how they dropped response times for new Ebola cases from 5 days to 24 hours. #jsconf

Noticing a trend in the talks about building tools for the developing world: connectivity is a much scarcer resource than compute power.

"Dignified burial management" not a phrase often on tech conference slides. #JSConf Ebola-fighting offline apps talk by @patggs powerful.

Amazing story from @patggs about improving Ebola treatment response times with offline-first apps and PouchDB.

Last day of #JSconf and Reflection on 7 Years of JSConf…

@jsconf peeps if you want to learn how to build smart iot things in JS try this workshopper…

Really interesting talk on using #JavaScript on the Pebble smartwatch from #jsconf

As a meetup organizer I have to constantly remind myself of this. Awesome talks are nice but mean nothing without awesome people #jsconf

"People are basically just sacks of emotions" great reminder from @aq #bacon #jsconf

"Read this book - you'll get a lot out of it. It'll take you about 25 minutes to read." @aq on… at #JSConf (I agree)

"Care about the people. Software is people!!!!!!" @aq #jsconf

Most. Important. Thing. "Software is about people" @aq at #jsconf

"Software is people... It doesn't matter what language if you can't communicate with people." @aq at #JSConf

"The IOTT - Internet of Tasty Things" @aq at #JSConf

The ever cheeky @jedschmidt: "Go's the language that JS devs retire to... It's basically the Florida of languages" #jsconf

Go is the language JavaScript programmers go to when they get old. Go is the Florida of programming languages. @jedschmidt #jsconf

Go is the language JS programmers retire to when they get old. Like the Florida of programming languages – @jedschmidt #jsconf

Ryan Seddon: So how does the browser actually render a website | JSConf ... via @YouTube

.@g33konaut on the bright future of WebVR: "Netflix and chill as a service" #jsconf

Oh hey, it’s @rektide presenting about HTTP2 Push at #jsconf!

So @g33konaut's talk is basically the best thing I've seen in a very long time. I mean, there's horses. SO MANY HORSES! #jsconf

great overview of state of streams by @pamasaur #jsconf callout to marble diagrams as those are super useful in communicating this stuff

“Web pages need concurrency and a scheduler.” — @cramforce at #jsconf Word.

"Everything we do [at AMP], we want to see in a browser, but changing a browser is..." #jsconf

"Web pages need concurrency and a scheduler." @cramforce at #jsconf

"Concurrency is usually explained with these high-powered applications. We need to explain concurrency with simple use cases." #jsconf

“if you have a computer science degree and you haven’t read SICP you probably feel guilty about it” #jsconf is so quotable today!

Hadn't realized #jsconf "We must make the Web great again" was going to be an AMP talk. Should have. Title fits in all the wrong ways.

My talk on "Debugging Impostor Syndrome" from earlier today at #jsconf is up!

bookmarklets are really interesting possibilities for that incremental hackable web #jsconf

Recurring theme: devs looking back at earliest Web, realizing editing and not just reading docs was key. Want again. At #jsconf & elsewhere.

Recurring themes of @jsconf: Stop ignoring security; Current mobile-inspired UX trends are awful.

"Things should be shareable by default. You shouldn't have to put a Share button in." @tolmasky at #JSConf

Talks at #jsconf on incremental skills and creative borrowing reminds me of how I learned to program. Old thoughts:

Listening to @brianleroux talk about open source and the Apache Foundation is SUPER interesting at #jsconf

Loving the discussion of incremental skill from @tolmasky - calculators, HyperCard, much more. #jsconf

I was reading a sentence about how great modern HTML 5 web apps are, but then the page reflowed and I lost my place.