you can view the slides for my Internet of Things talk here:… or download them here:… #jsconf

How to be a good contributor by @areinet and @tgandee #jsconf

#jsconf got a Google Cardboard v2 with JS logos on it! So cool! Next thing to try ...…

Much love for Yahoo's at #jsconf during i18n talk by @_benrondeau

“Being a great developer means teaching others” - @tgandee Still looking for lightning talks! ⚡️ #SacTech #jsconf…

like the premise that the way to scale apprenticeship is by instilling it in a community. it takes a village #jsconf

Great talk bout learning, steal...creative borrowing, & fostering growth in devs by @tgandee & @areinet at #jsconf

Pair programming: code stealing... with a friend! #jsconf

what if you copy someone’s idea and make it your own? is that stealing? no, of course not. #jsconf…

"So you're saying we're all criminals.... we've all been stealing code for decades now." #jsconf

Depending on your needs, @ifttt's new maker channel is super great for IoT projects #jsconf -

"Having design and development work hand in hand though a feature makes for more thoughtful products" via/ @carlosperez #jsconf

the IOT talk at @jsconf by @am3thyst is the most practical, helpful, and thoughtful talk on hardware that I've seen in a long time

What can we do with a gas sensor and our smart dog? - @am3thyst at @jsconf

It looks like the Flora can go into the wash. Pretty cool. #jsconf…

@janl @jsconf was difficult to keep this news under wraps! @NodeSource is stoked to be working with the Microsoft team on this one!

so turns out time travel debugging is novel and rad #jsconf. see the values of your vars before the current stack changed them.

"ChakraCore is committed to coming to other platforms" #jsconf

Chakra is beating WebKit and V8 on their own JS benchmarks. #jsconf

Chakra is being open sourced in January! @mikeal invited on stage to share the implications for Node #jsconf

Chakra going open source will give us good competition & lead 2 better JS performance - paraphrasing @mikeal #jsconf

"Talk to other developers. Attend a local user group" -- @kevinold Couldn't have said it better ourselves! #jsconf

"Node's story is looking like the Web at this point.... It's going everywhere." - @mikeal at #jsconf

"The success of others is not a failure of yours." -- @kevinold nails the @jsconf ethos in the first talk of the day.

Step one to overcoming imposter syndrome "recognize the lies you tell yourself " #jsconf

#jsconf time travel debugging in Chakra/IE - step backwards or forwards through your code execution!

Microsoft open sourced Chakra at a community event, my work here is officially done. <3z <3z <3z #jsconf #lastcall #opensource #js

Chakra going open source is a tectonic shift in the JavaScript world. Announcing it at JSConf makes me think Microsoft gets community, too.

Holy Shit! Microsoft is open sourcing it’s JavaScript engine Chakra at @jsconf. MIT license, on GitHub in January.

Chakra, the JavaScript engine in Microsoft Edge is going open source in January! #jsconf

ChakraCore (Microsoft's JS engine) goes open source under MIT licence, available on github from January (announced at @jsconf)

Great talk in Track B by @kevinold on debugging his imposter syndrome #jsconf

Oh wow! Microsoft is open sourcing Chakra! #jsconf

@kevinold is giving a great talk on dealing with Imposter Syndrome #jsconf

At the last JSConf, @microsoft announces that Chakra is now open source #booyea #worldchange

Microsoft working with Intel to bring SIMD to the web. #jsconf

.@gauravseth: Internet Explorer now shipping with asm.js enabled by default. #jsconf

Attending @jsconf - watching the Chakra Core talk. Currently talking about their collab with Mozilla to bring asm.js to Chakra/Edge

Chakra is the most compliant ES6 engine #jsconf

Bittersweet watching @voodootikigod kick off @JSConf Last Call.

Kickoff of #jsconf. Feeling a little emotional since it’s probably the last of one of the best events ever. Love @voodootikigod. ❤️

I'm here doing some filming as #jsconf - I've even got a fancy hired camera

We killed free software. Now we're in a world of walled gardens that are *built on open source*. Still, programmers laugh at free software.

I've been using @es6katas to learn about new features in ES6. Check it out: