Absolutely amazing, informative and beautifully illustrated guides on how DNS works. @dnsimple.

if you use parenthesis in JS, try adding two extra sets of ( ) around every expr for a month. then you'll realize how stupid that is.

Normally, 1yr olds are starting to walk..#bluemix is already flying. Check out how far it's come.

@_ericelliott i'm pretty opposite. var mostly, some let, rarely const.

RT @howardlindzon: In 2000, Blockbuster refused to buy Netflix for $50M. Today, Blockbuster doesn't exist & $NFLX is worth $43B…

We’re partnering up with @LAUXmeetup to talk about #UXStrategy w/author @jaimerlevy & @skotcarruth!

`var`, `let`, or `const`? I use `const` for almost everything. Rarely, I'll use `let`. Never `var`. #es6 #JavaScript

Every time I have to use === in a `typeof` expression, a little piece of me dies.

New sources of funding for coding bootcamps? Check out the work @Affirm is doing in this new @Wired piece:

#BigData Analytics... What are they? Where do they fit? Why do I need to know about them? The answer lies within...

RT @ChrisJOrtiz: When a story about a mass gun shooting is interrupted with the verdict of a mass gun shooting, shows this country has a gu…

Thanks for the support, Rainn! Talented guys. Hope we can make it happen.…

RT @AP: Obama unveils program to bring high-speed Internet access to low-income households:

Functional Programming in #JavaScript @CoworkSouthBay 8/6. Revamped slides & code FREE, LIMITED SEATS @hattan @janchu

A deep-dive on how @Netflix does Outlier Detection (even at 2am):

Do you love learning new ways of building the web? So does @rainypixels, who’s excited about Apple’s Swift.…

10 Valuable Skills Every Designer Should Learn: via @CreativeMarket

RT @DanShappir: Once you go #ES6 it's so very, very painful to go back…

#CampPluralsight has started off blazing hot! Have you earned your Trailblazer Badge yet?

RT @SAI: You can now pay for some of the top coding 'bootcamps' with student loans

RT @sarahmei: Useful statement when working with a junior dev: "Huh. You know, _I don't know_ why it's like that. Let's figure it out."

Professor Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming… #JavaScript

Countdown is on! Only 7 days left to apply to be a software engineer w/@Hackbright. Join us:

RT @emschuch: on one hand, annoyed i had to re-run my #beautifulsoup web scraper, on the other hand, scraping data from interwebs feels lik…

RT @MacDiva: Hey! @ieeevis is running a data visualization contest using "perceived vs actual student interest" data:…

In our #dataviz course, @KevinQ breaks down the interactive NYT chart comparing Eli Manning's 150 game streak

The future of cards in Web design: via @TheNextWeb

Fewer people die in wars. From my Data Visualisation History of Declining Violence:…

"Learn JavaScript" students are starting to get bonus content. Like the ES6 webcast recording #ES6ROADMAP

The Essential JavaScript Links Collection has moved. The gist is done. Long live the repo:… #JavaScript

Come see @uclagames Perfect Woman inspired by questionnaires in women’s magazines (@kinect)…

Check out "Learn JavaScript Universal App Development with Node, ES6, & React":… #nodejs #JavaScript

The Questions Google Suggests Asking When You're Hiring a #DataScientist or Analyst (via @LifehackerAU)…

Worthwhile post & discussion on not turning off zooming for #mobile device users #mobileweb #mobiledev #webdev #rwd

Speech to Text on Watson API can translate multi-person conversational speech. #IBMWatson

Learn How to Programmatically Open File Downloads in a New Window with JavaScript: by @chalkers via @treehouse_blog

How to develop a Neural Network in just 11 lines of Python: #python #neuralnetwork