@searls The lack of requires in Rails apps is a huge part of this problem. It encourages us to ignore our dependencies.

@searls @_solnic_ I replace the word "constant" with "global variable" when I talk about dependencies in Ruby :-)

@ngauthier @searls when fixing bugs like this I am constantly worried about side effects to the fix.

@searls Yep. I could tell a story about a gem, a Rails app, and a 2nd gem that corrupted data in the 1st one. It was only 3 days of my life.

@searls I've fixed at least two critical bugs of this ilk in the past few months. Both took hours/days to find.

@searls @steveklabnik explicit is better than implicit is something Python got right. That and namespaces are indeed a honking good idea

I guarantee you that the line I just deleted to fix react-rails users will break users of older versions of sprockets, or some other thing

Rubyists rarely realize how obscenely global everything is, especially in Rails. Interaction between gems is very common, impossible to test

"Go is where JS devs go to retire" Idk who said this, but its my favorite quote of the night #golang #jsconf

My photo is uninteresting but your #jsconf talk was great, @ohhoe. Next project with my 6yo son: nodebot pet feeder!

JSConf by @lwilliams and @voodootikigod is an inspiration for a generation. We are this generation. Let’s make the best of it. <3

"Create opportunities for other people to grow." -@voodootikigod in his inspiring @JSConf Last Call closing toast

.@voodootikigod gets it exactly right in closing #JSConf remarks: "Let your contribution be everyone else's. Give up the pride aspect."

"can't talk about [community] as a giant who lives on hilltop and comes to village once in a while. We have to build it." #jsconf @indexzero

Watching @patrickkettner's #jsconf talk about Modernizr and its many workaround tricks is a weird combo of 'awesome" and "really it's that?"

Take away from @jsconf : if you want successful meetup & conf, have @jeresig speak at your 1st event. @brooklyn_js @jsconfeu @catskillsconf

.@janl talks about JS related confs that were inspired by @jsconf

D3.js powered, JavaScript knitted scarf is keeping me warm today at @jsconf

"Making websites is hard. didn't used to be... you want to make it stop but you don't, you make it better." @patrickkettner at #jsconf

What if you could run JS directly on the Pebble? Or in the browser for testing? #jsconf…

.@mrspeaker announces his project for WebGL bindings for React… #reactjs #jsconf

"WebGL/OpenGL bindings for React to implement complex effects over images and content" -… from @mrspeaker #JSConf

Thanks for watching my goofy talk about space balloons, @jsconf! <3 Slides available here:

Crazy stuff - @dustmop and @batslyadams hacking Mega Man 3 on the NES by manipulating memory in real time. #jsconf

learning about how you can use JavaScript to hack the NES; affirming that JavaScript continues to EAT THE WORLD. #jsconf

Great talk by @dharden about the flight of a JavaScript-powered space balloon. I love the story-telling and cameo from @makenai. #jsconf

Cool NES hacking by manipulating the memory af any game live using JavaScript by @dustmop & @batslyadams #jsconf

Flux, Redux & Relay were just explained by @linclark with brilliant cartoon analogies, @codecartoons is awesome #jsconf

keep an eye out for @linclark's @jsconf talk about flux/redux/relay … super well put together and beautifully illustrated!

The #jsconf crowd seems completely mesmerized by @linclark's drawings illustrating the guts of Flux, Redux, and Relay.

Listening to @TimCDoherty speak on "framework fatigue" at #JSConf

Excited to hear about The Wilds of Data Handling in React by @linclark #jsconf

"What are you most excited about? My kids." [Applause] "Have to remind myself that it's okay not to be coding." @rem at #jsconf

Just gave my talk at JSConf: Philosophy and JavaScript. Posted my slides here:…

"JSBin wasn't fun anymore" via @rem - it SUCKS that SPAM/fraud/etc pushes such an awesome and useful project to that point. #jsconf

"Turned out that I'd created a service for testing stolen credit cards. Didn't realize. Because the cost [of JSBin] was so low." #jsconf

really interesting story about the dark side of doing something cool (jsbin) by @rem #jsconf

TIL @jsconf is the place you have job interviews in the hot tub, but it's not weird, there are 20 more people (mostly singing)

@akxgomez taking about how to make updating the DOM algorithmically faster than a diff with @canjs. #jsconf

"job titles are marketing terms" more "THAT'S WHAT I SAY!" (in private hangouts) from the true patriot @TravisWebbUSA at #jsconf

"deadlines are bullshit, all the way up the chain" (or something like that)... @TravisWebbUSA saying what I wish I could say @jsconf #jsconf

"Our job is to figure out stuff" speaking on the Impostor "Vortex" - @TravisWebbUSA #jsconf

.@akxgomez talking about improving array filtering with red black binary trees at #jsconf

"Most technical interviews are just complete voodoo" - @TravisWebbUSA #jsconf